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Zicutake Bank Transfer Money

Zicutake USACOMMENT transfer money without a trace.

First you send a email to, to trigger the administrator.

- Or send via bitcoin the value for 1D3rCiP7XpdZbNF9g8HHqmRs9GxXgwb4ec
Example: send $25,93742 - 93742 is a code that you create to find and confirm the deposit. After you send an email with the code bitcoin for transfer.

The total Commission is coupled with 17% of the total value. Example: $ 100-17% = $ 83 transferred to bitcoin account you want.

It's totally safe, test with $ 10 and see how much we are clean. The site used to transfer is in Brazil. Is the site most widely used in Brazil is totally safe.

Service no activity, 2018

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